I am Willem ter Haar and became very enthusiastic about wine in all its aspects during the last years and I would like to share this with others. I am focusing on wines that I have tasted myself at various tastings and at wineries, which offers a palette of taste sensations. The assortment that Triple W conducts is not large in diversity but the greater in very good quality.


Triple W offers the following services and products:

Wine tastings





Why wine

A glass of wine can tell so much before you even taste the wine, such as aroma and color, but even more when you taste the wine, so that all your senses are being used to capture the explosion of flavors. An experience that makes you desire for more.


The three W’s: World Wide Wines

This stands for wines from beautiful areas around the world, from France to Argentina, from USA to Germany, from Canada to Chile.


Triple W also distinguish itself by an assortment of wineries with inspiring professionals, where the wines are made by the purity of nature and the craftsmanship of the creator with as a result a wonderful experience in the glass. Quality that dances in the glass, the variety of colors, the seductive scents, the palette of flavors at the first sip, a perfect combination and just that little bit of extra. You can taste the pure passion, quality and workmanship. And also with a good balance between price and quality.


Because it is so beautiful and simple:

Every day getting in touch with the best and most beautiful of nature and craftsmanship, you can taste it.

Triple W is at your service!



Willem ter Haar, Triple W, sommelier

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